The Role of School Leader on Teacher’s Mental Health
(by Felomina D. Ramirez  6/25/2021)

The role of school leader is very complex, under two major aspects; instructional and administrative respectively. It is on their hands how to improve teaching-learning standards, setting direction for high learner’s performance. Management of resources, insuring safe hospitable, conducive, and friendly physical facilities as stated in Good Governance Act.

Leading in the new normal we, school leaders are in the midst of ambiguity due to ever-changing conditions of pandemic.

Teachers through our guidance should be empowered the sense of adaptability for them to see changes under daunty situations, be an opportunity to learn and not as a threat to deal with. Empowering teachers will make them more competent in order to safely deliver and educate our learners in this time of uncertainties. As school principal this experience has been overwhelming. Truly, but it is also inspiring wherein innovation were being creatively done to ensure that learners will receive meaningful learning experiences.

For this to attain, it is our responsibility to address the mental health of our teachers for their continuous intellectual stability and productivity while working efficiently and effectively. We have to maintain joyful relationship at workplace for positive behavioral health.

It’s a fact that people with strong minds live happier, richer and more peaceful. Better well-being leads to more strong coping skills during difficulties, tough times and in facing work related pressure issues and concern during the corona virus crisis.

Inspire our teachers for them to build resilience as they remained focused on their best teaching performance. Work balance should be cared off to sustain their mental health.

We cannot do everything at once, so we need to build trust and work as a team bonded with hard work, passion, and perseverance for us to create the best innovative solutions to all unpredictable changes in our workplace. Fostering, helping and sharing load together with encouragement, kind, and positive language for them not to cause emotional disturbance during the process making the best within our milestone.

The world will never be the same as traditional that we treasured before pandemic occurred globally. No one is safe, until everyone is safe. In this regard, as school leader, let us continue to practice positive school culture to attain mental equilibrium to avoid high related fears, anxiety, and psychological impact within oneself that affect teachers’ decisiveness.

As core to our purpose, let’s stay agile in this time of complexity to maintain stable well-being of our people. Be a binder like a glue that hold teachers together while creating school environment safe and consistent.

Make a difference, create a new steadfast for our teachers, our hero beyond this crisis. Positivity wins always. Try not to become a man or woman of success, but rather a man, a woman of value and faith.

Let us embrace changes: celebrate successes as we serve the future generation of our society.

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