(by Eddie P. Culala Jr.  8/1/2022)

Located at Brgy. Porais, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, Porais National High School is one of the pioneer Senior High Implementers at the Schools Division Office of San Jose City and one of the most featured track and strand they offer is the Information Communication Technology Strand under Technical-Vocational and Livelihood Track specialized in Computer Programming NCIII and Computer Systems Servicing NCII.
In 2018, the first batch of Senior High School graduates decided to take the TESDA National Assessment in Computer System Servicing NCII in one of the private Assessment Centers in Tarlac City then, the following batch in Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. Under the qualification, the learners or candidates for the National Assessment in Computer Systems Servicing NC II underwent the four core competencies of the qualification, namely: (1) Install and configure computer systems; (2) Set-up Computer Networks; (3) Set-up Computer Servers; (4) Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Networks. The candidates need to perform and demonstrate all the tasks in the competencies and answer series of interview questions satisfactorily in order to pass the National Assessment.
Having complete tools, equipment and facilities, adding the competent training of the learners provided by the competent teachers, 100% of learners who took the assessment passed the National Assessment and it was followed by the succeeding years.
Because of the excellent results of the aforementioned assessments and the capacity of Porais High School not only in the equipment and facilities but also having the competent teachers who are also passers and accredited by TESDA as specialist educators, with the support of the School Head and officials of Schools Division of San Jose City, they planned and decided to establish and apply Porais National High School as a TESDA Assessment Center in Computer Systems Servicing NCII. The Porais National High School and its core team of Senior High School Teachers who will facilitate the application thru accreditation have to undergo series of coordination and orientation from TESDA Provincial Office of Nueva Ecija for proper guidance in the preparation of requirements and procedures. The most challenging part of the requirements that needs to comply are equipment and facilities that need to be in accordance with industry-standards set by the TESDA. When all the documentary requirements, tools, equipment and facilities are, the school-site must pass the inspection spearheaded by the TESDA Provincial Office of Nueva Ecija Officials together with the close monitoring from the representative of TESDA Regional Office III.

With the great preparation and thorough inspection conducted by the officials from TESDA Provincial and Regional Office, Porais National High School officially passed and got the accreditation in March 2022 and recognized as the first accredited TESDA Assessment Center of CSS NCII in Schools Division Office San Jose City as well. Through the successful accreditation, Porais National High School may now accept walk-ins and resident candidates who wish to acquire the National Certification in Computer System Servicing NCII.

The Porais National High School Competency Assessment Center will be a great help to learners who will graduate in Senior High School especially with those specialized in Computer System Servicing NCII throughout the division, neighboring towns and municipalities because learners do not have to travel far to take TESDA National Assessment like what was experienced by the learners in the previous years. This may also reduce assessment fees for its learners who wish to take the National Assessment. Another advantage is that the tools, equipment and facilities that actually meet the standards of the industry and the TESDA, the training of learners in such competencies will become more beneficial. It is certain that the benefits of having this type of accreditation will help the learners whether they want to pursue college education or get a job after graduating from Senior High School.

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