Run With Partners
(by Ma. Evelyn R. Reyes  1/20/2023)

Becoming an OIC in a newly established school amidst a pandemic is a challenge. But with a positive attitude and supportive leaders, teachers, and friends and families, everything falls into place.
Sampugu Elementary School and High School were established on October 5, 2020 (SY 2020–2021). This was the time that everyone had a fear of COVID-19. But, with the very strong will of the SDS of the Division, Dr. Johanna N. Gervacio, with the supportive spirit of Mayor Mario "Kokoy" O. Salvador, and with the cooperation of the community led by the hardworking Brgy. Kita Kita Chairman Gerry Dulatre, the schools were built.
The first OIC was the very committed Sir Benedect Aquino. After one and a half years of serving the school under the new normal, he was transferred to Delaen Elementary School, and here I am.
I was well informed that it has no MOOE yet and there is a limit to the support from the Division Office when it comes to budget allocation. But the office didn't stop there. I came there with Ateneo, the LGU, the PTA, and the Barangay Office as the main partners of the school. And, as the new OIC, I tried my best to maintain the partnership by building connections and establishing relationships with them through the guidance of the SDS. But, schools have needs for which the partners mentioned above can't provide them outright; thus, I look for additional partners and stakeholders through our program, "Call A Friend."
With the sustained partners and new ones, the schools were awarded "BEST RESOURCE GENERATION" in the recent division search for the 2022 Brigada ESKWELA.
Now, in its third year of operation, the elementary school is legally established, while the high school is in the process of becoming one too. MOOE of the Elementary is about to come. Schools will be more established, improved, and functional for the learners of Sampugu.
It only shows that even with little to no MOOE, a school can possibly operate. With strong ties with partners, the heart to serve, and the heart to learn, it can be done.

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