Resilient Leader: A Great Demand
(by Felomina D. Ramirez  5/31/2021)

Strategic Planning in our educational system is everything:

Educational leaders, learners and citizens of the whole country in the field of academe both public and private were at lost when Pandemic COVID-19 caused the lockdown of education services on March 15, 2020.

Educational sector is not ready to this sudden shift of learning modalities to be implemented if not to the effort of the resilient leaders of the Department of Education who managed the sudden shift of educational platforms and curriculum delivery as well.

The first plan which was crafted and contextualized was the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan which served as the basis of redefining and reshaping how the new educational platforms be implemented so that nobody will be left behind.

It is important that we find ways to be at our resilient best. At this point of our journey, resilient leadership is in great demand for us not only to survive, but to thrive this tough time of pandemic and for continuous delivery of quality education to our diverse learner from K-12.

We need a resilient leaders who see opportunities under disruptive changes and have the ability to sustain their energy level under pressure, ready to embrace and adapt inevitable challenges.

When leaders have the perseverance pack with brilliant, bright and innovative ideas, they can transform crises into breakthrough and accomplish a lot not only for themselves but for all their colleagues and employees. It takes both strength of character and being intellectual resilient to choose the best decision under new circumstances for the goals and objectives that need to be attained.

As a resilient leader, new ways of thinking, leading and stabilizing organization to meet the crisis at hand while finding opportunities amid uncertainties should be observed, too.

For we, the leaders, must always be optimistic, responsive and passionate in giving and sharing our best shot in dealing unique challenging circumstances for us to expedite services as well as in providing inclusive education.

A servant without self-regard in instituting continuous reforms in the Department of Education with integrity is the best silver lining that can build deeper, meaningful, and good relationship with everybody.

It is imperative that we must always inspire our teaching and non-teaching personnel toward achieving our goals in the organization.

Lastly, position is not one of privilege but of service to the Filipino children and the Nation.

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