Division Inhouse-Developed Information Systems
(by Eric V. Francisco  6/19/2022)

Through the initiative of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Johanna N. Gervacio of the Schools Division of San Jose City, the ICT Unit developed the Document Tracking System and Inventory Systems. With the use of these systems, the tracking of documents from one unit to another (sender to receiver) will be more reliable and readily available. More so, documents coming from other offices would be easily tracked to avoid the delay or loss of documents as these could easily be located during routing. Concerned offices can check requisition and issuances and availability of office supplies based on their approved APPCSE request or reports.

A document tracking is a system used to receive, track, manage the whereabouts of a document. The use of this system can prevent the loss of documents that were received by the Records Section while being routed to specified offices for proper disposition.

Upon the delivery of supplies, offices can now request, and release the supplies or equipment allotted in the annual APPCSE. After the approval by the system administrator and the unit head, the requested supplies will be delivered to the requesting unit.

The objective of this project is to enable the documents to be readily available to all units. The full implementation of the system to all units in the Division of San Jose City and its timely update makes a better service and operations.

Each unit shall designate its receiving officer to register to the system and request for activation of the username. Once a client has registered in the system, the system administrator will take necessary actions to approve or disapprove the request during the process. If the receiving office has been approved by the system administrator, a client can now log-in to the system by typing his nominated username to the username and password field. The successful log-in procedures means the beginning of the transactions of the required services.

This project is now on its full operation with the Division’s daily business routines. The process produces effective and efficient delivery of the services thereby producing effective education services and governance in all offices and units in the field. Supports in education produced by this system facilitates teaching and learning.

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