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Challenges, Effectiveness and Imperative of On-Line Learning in the “New-Normal Occasions” (5/17/2021) - Covid19 pandemic has given the education sector a paradigm shift in terms of teaching platforms. However, there are challenges that teachers and/or school administrators find it overwhelming to some. For example, many of our pupils are without gadget . . . Click to read more

The Certain in Uncertainties (5/17/2021) - Education is an essential process in building a nation. According to Tariq Jahan, an Indian educator, people without education are like weapons without bullets. Indeed, education makes the young people realize their latent qualities and abilities and . . . Click to read more

Teachers’ Resilience in this Pandemic - What Makes in a Hero? (5/17/2021) - The world is now living in uncertainties and ambiguities as it faces the most challenging situation after the post World War II era. For more than half a year, the people all over the globe are once again battling a war. But what is bothering and fri . . . Click to read more