Directions for 2015

The Division´s direction for 2015 is to deliver a high quality instructional program that anticipates and meets the needs of all learners.
A. Curriculum and Instruction Implement essential learning in all content areas for early childhood through Grade 12 (K to 12) which will be clearly aligned to EFA goals and objectives. Conduct Teacher Training for English Proficiency- Developing English Proficiency Program (DEPP).
Expecting additional learners of Alternative Learning System because of the InfEd Program. In connivance with the KAMANLALAKBAY, a group of trained individuals accredited by TESDA, Alternative Learning System will offer Dressmaking, Building, Wiring Installation, and Shielded Metal Arc Welding.
B. School Governance The remaining two (2) small incomplete primary schools shall offer complete elementary education this coming school year.
SBM Directions for 2015 SBM implementation is enhanced to evolve from level I (being organized) to level II ( fully functional ) up to level III ( advocating continuous school improvement )
a. SBM processes guided by ACCESSs school system b. 80% of all schools in the division shall have moved to level 2 SBM Level of Practice – Maturing c. All schools SIP, AIP implementation review for 3 years d. IPPD and SBM level of assessment incorporated in the AIP e. 90% of all stakeholders have been informed of the present status of education in the district.
C. Private Schools’ Effectiveness
• 15 Private Elementary: M=2,115; F=1,992; T=4,107 • 10 Private Secondary : M=1,457; F=1,468; T= 2,925

Description / Status of Operations of Private Schools No. Secondary with government recognition 10 Schools with new government recognition 3 Schools with permit to operate 2 Learning Center with request for permit to operate (on process) 1 School with Special Science Curriculum 1