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Superintendent`s Corner


Work Immersion Program Amidst Pandemic (11/8/2021) - More than a year ago, the school operations worked in a regular way. Routinary supervisory activities on teaching, monitoring, evaluating, assessing, and conducting technical assistance on management and administrative functions were collaboratively . . . Click to read more

The Role of School Leader on Teacher’s Mental Health (6/25/2021) - The role of school leader is very complex, under two major aspects; instructional and administrative respectively. It is on their hands how to improve teaching-learning standards, setting direction for high learner’s performance. Management of res . . . Click to read more

Resilient Leader: A Great Demand (5/31/2021) - Strategic Planning in our educational system is everything: Educational leaders, learners and citizens of the whole country in the field of academe both public and private were at lost when Pandemic COVID-19 caused the lockdown of education services . . . Click to read more